Today is a very special festival in the Bengali calendar. …Jamai Shoshti. ..on this day MILs keep a fast for the health and well being of their sons in law…(jamai). Although they themselves are fasting …they make sure their jamais have to fast for the next few days..reason being the variety of dishes they cook for their SIL…from paach bhaaja..to shukto …chodchodi…dal…aloo dum…doi maach…chingri (prawn) malai curry…mutton…chicken…paayesh…you name it and it is their on the menu for this day. These last two years my parents have been with us for Jamai Shoshti and so Rohit Ganguli has had his share of pampering.
Since he wore a panjabi for the occasion ..he insisted that I wear a saree too…so out came this rusty red cotton chanderi with a beige border and black block print on the pallu and border. Cotton chanderis have the quality of being an occasion wear as well as regular wear and I love this one for it is my favourite colour combination. ..
Happy Jamai Shoshti to all Sashuris and their Jamais…