It was a lazy start of a week. Schools closed for summer. Officially. However, I have been to school twice.

I had not taken my mom out or bought anything for her on Mother’s day. It had rained yesterday and the weather was kind today. Mom and I decided to go to various emporiums.

I seldom drape a saree when I go for shopping but I decided to do so today. I raided my mom’s wardrobe and selected this Odisha Bapta saree. The best thing about it, is the patlipallu. One of a kind saree in my mom’s collection. Bapta is a mix of tussar and cotton. Such sarees are no longer weaved in Odisha. My mom has two such sarees, one has temple border and this one is patilipallu. I have draped both at various occasions. Both sarees are at least 30 years old. I suppose I will inherit both the sarees as none of my three SILs drape sarees. I might consider sharing with my eldest SIL, Sujata Tripathy​!!

My mom too draped a cotton saree from Odisha, a fairly recent one gifted by one of her sisters. Sharing her picture too…..

As usual I had no accessories other than the pearl ones. But then pearls are eternal….

My mom wanted a saree only from Odisha emporium. We went there first. I ended up buying three cotton sarees, one for her, two for myself. I also bought an Ikat blouse piece from there. We also visited Lepakshi, Andhra emporium. I bought three more blouse pieces from there.

Somehow I did not like any of the stuff from other state emporium. We came back after having lunch at Coffee Home.

It was well worth it, wearing that saree. Many asked about it. Next time, I drape it, I will do so with a tank top! I need to experiment…..

Mom took that picture of my back by mistake, I added it here to show the anchal….