5/100 #100sareepact

I love cottons and silks, so when it comes to picking up sarees, I naturally tend to gravitate towards these textiles only. Only twice in my life have I made an exception to this and this beautiful crepe’ silk saree is one of them <3

The Gulmohar is my most favourite tree. Gul mohar refers to the beauty of its flowers (Persian gul = flower and mohar or mor = pea cock), possibly why it is known as ‘peacock tree’ as well. Since I was a kid, I used to wait eagerly for summer when the green would suddenly transform in this bright red n orange just bursting with life and energy (And it’s no big secret that these are my favourite colours too). The stamen of the flower has a claw shaped edge and I remember during our summer vacations we used to pick up the flowers littered on the grass and sit in the shade of the tree and play a game where you hook the claws of two flowers and whoever managed to break the most of these claws would be the winner (A silly game but then childhood is full of these silly adorable antics, isn’t it). The grand winning price used to a yummy popsicle. And with pride I announce that yours truly would win this price every single time 😛

So when I was rummaging through the sarees at Meena Bazaar in Ansal Plaza, South Delhi and my eye fell on this saree, it reminded me of the Gulmohar tree. It brought back all those happy memories of childhood. I could not stop admiring the lovely bottle green colour, the delicate floral pattern, the fine kantha work on it and of course the splashes of red and orange all over the saree.

Here in these pics, I am enjoying a mug of filter kaapi on our terrace before we stepped out for the evening , while watching the sun set in the horizon against the blazing red and orange Gulmohars, adorning my flamboyant Gulmohar saree, happily posing for the shutterbugs 🙂