#100sareepact Saree # 24 #mynewoldsaree

My first and only Kalamkari saree and am already in love. What a dream it is to drape! Light, obedient and so manageable! I can now see why so many of you rave about it. I am a convert now 🙂

Kalamkaris to me, for a very long time were either bedsheets/carpets or paintings, esp the gorgeous Tree of Life depictions that Nithya Dorairaj owns.

So when I saw them as sarees at Grameena Angadi about a year back, I just had to buy one but left it lying along with so many other sarees, waiting for an occasion to wear. Thanks to Arthi, for prompting me to wear this today. A lovely lunch at her place saw both of us in our Kalamkaris (pics coming soon) bought from the same store, Grameena Angadi.

Many of Nag’s kurtas are from there and we went there again today to buy him some more. Having experienced the beauty of kalamkari, I kept eyeing the sarees at the store and liked one too, but thankfully remembered by minimalist pact and left without buying any. But we will be seeing more of these beauties, sometime soon, won’t we? 😉