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Saree – 20
It was special dinner night for graduating seniors from Mass Academy. Ajey was doing the student reflection. I read his speech in the morning. it was first time I would watch him speak. I was known to be a great speaker myself so I could feel the pressure and excitement.He is a great kid,I am so happy and proud the man he has become.
I wanted to look what I felt – a proud mom who was trusting his judgement about life, school and kind of education he was looking for, wanted to be there for him, I decided to wear Saree. But I wanted to make sure he was ok with it.
He was like “Mom, you do what makes you happy”. He could care less. I think Ashish and I did something right raising that kid. So in the evening I took out this silk with unusual color and tribal design. Paired with a set of jewelry I bought from “Woodshed Art Gallery” for Franklin Art Academy’s fund raiser. ( thank you Maura Fields and Karen Glynn)
It was a fabulous ceremony and dinner. It was an fantastic end to great two years. Then Ajey came on stage as student speaker. I cannot express in words what I was feeling at that time. I really underestimated my son many a times but it all made sense when I heard him speak. Those words on paper meant nothing but they were very very powerful and moving from that microphone.
I am just soaked in motherly pride as I type this. Not only because he is my son, because he understood what life means to him and is working on at this age what many of us cannot find in our lifetime. Do something meaningful, something what makes him happy.
I couldn’t be prouder.
His draft is attached too, Please watch the video too.

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