#SareePact 4/100
…… a beautiful saree on sale. That too 50% off sale..!!! Every year Meena Bazar in Abids, Hyderabad has a sale. Everything in the store is 50% off. This is a sale for saree shopaholics. This is a sale for stocking up! It’s like people going and buying stuff for a winter storm (may be I am exaggerating a little). After spending almost all my money, this saree caught my attention. I was in a to buy or not to buy confusion… then I decided (half hearted) not to buy, and went home. Whole night I couldn’t sleep, I could see only this saree, kicking myself for not buying the saree. Next morning I went to the shop hoping and praying that no one would buy it. To my amazement, that wonderful sales man kept the saree aside for me. He was positively expecting me to come next day for the saree (it seems). Happy ending..!!
There is one jewelry store, Saincher jewelers, in Somajiguda, Hyderabad. I’ve been going to that store almost for the past ten years. Sunitha Saincher, the designer, has been creating beautiful designs that go perfectly well with my sarees based on my price requirements. She made this beautiful necklace and ear rings set with corals and other ornate beads.
This is the final result, which I think, is beautiful..!!