#100sareepact – 7/100

Deconstructing the Saree – Part 3

If you notice my collage today, the hero spot is taken by the hero of many sarees – the saree fall. This is a long thin strip of cloth that is attached to the inside of the saree towards the lower portion. When you drape the saree, the bit with the fall attached ‘falls’ into position in front of your feet. A fall strengthens the saree and prevents ripping and tearing. It also adds some weight to light sarees so that they ‘fall’ well while draping. The jury is still out on whether it is really needed these days, or will it ‘fall’ into dis-use soon.

During a wedding reception, the saree fall quietly does its work in the background while the copper sulphate blue kota silk with big round gold buttas dazzles on the outside. It’s such fun to pose away with friends and family, all smiling and making worries ‘fall’ away! With Suja Kurian, Anju George Punnoose and Anu Isaac.

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