Day 8
Another Sunday morning. .another Mandir parade(in the army the entire unit goes to the unit mandir together)…where we thanked Goddess Durga that despite a majority of the troops families being in Nepal …no loss of life was reported. ..we even prayed for all those who have lost their near and dear ones in the tragedy and pledged to help out with whatever we can.
Coming to the saree..this is the second time I am wearing this matka and I feel that this one is just made for me…the mustard body and two stripes at the border in two shades of pink blend beautifully. …I love wearing jhumkas with this one and wooden bangles in the same shades. This one was another random pick from some shop in Gariahat in Kolkata where the hubby had bargained successfully and helped me pick up three for the price of one quoted by the shopkeeper.

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