A blue and yellow combination for today.
This saree is a gift from my Chachi – Samta. She married papa’s youngest brother but for us she is just Samta Darling. She came to our family in a very dark time.
Papa’s younger brother was killed in an accident in 1986. He was in his thirties, left two daughters 5 and 1.The next year Chhote Chacha got married but our home wasn’t the same. It was a sad house; But Chhoti Chachi soon made it better and became our darling, always happy and smiling. She is a good chhoti bahu for family and a great friend and advisor for us. Even now when I go to India, her home is my adda in MP. She still fulfils my wishes with mouthwatering Khaza, Gujhia, Hara chana or any leafy vegetables, the food I love. My chacha is a lucky man.
This is my last blue saree for Autism month. I am thankful to have you all in this journey with me.
Thank you very much to all of you for all your love.
Your unconditional love means a lot to us.
Anand was 8 when we formally got the diagnosis in 2008. Feb 2009 we went to India for my sister’s wedding and the reality struck me. No one in the family understood what Anand and we were going through. My sisters read and learnt a lot but Autism is a spectrum, so wide that there is no explanation for so many things. I was shocked to hear the suggestions and reasoning from many of our own families for his behavior and limitations.
So when I came back I started a blog to write about our life, to educate family and friends, to let them know that he is a kid with different skill set and thinking. His abilities are different than other kids in the family, his own brother. I needed to talk about our strength, happiness and struggles, good days and bad days. Please take time to read about him, us and Autism. You might be more considerate to others that would be the best thing.
I wore this saree to office today, so the picture of the saree and accessories is from late last night, trying not to wake up darling husband. Anand took my outdoor pic after I came from work.

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