Mar 30, 2015
Read about it yesterday and was intrigued ..100 sarees in a year, 8 sarees a month ..wearing a saree 2 out of 5 days each week ..week after week !! Ask any working woman in Mumbai and she will bawl at the idea ..but then my love for sarees equals devotion and I don’t travel by local trains anymore – so if not me, who ? If not now – when ? Even if I have a 50% success rate , it will finally get my much loved sarees out of the box under the bed and more importantly melt huibby dear’s heart enough to finally lift his strict embargo against buying any new saree smile emoticon so here’s Day 1 – bought this lovely Mangalgiri cotton from Advika – was drawn by the drama the differently patterned pleats bought – I think they are called pattu sarees

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