#‎100sareepact‬ 29/100

There is no denying the charm and elegance of a cool cotton in the summer heat but when the day is long and packed with hazaar stuff to do one kind of hesitates . The Tights &Tops collection is waiting to ensnare you into its beguiling arms saying to hell with Saree and Style . Then the Pact is the deciding factor and while going about the chores in the house and getting ready for work early in the morning the mind is mulling over which one from the hitherto neglected cache of sarees does one pull out and what will go with it .

In the Bombay humidity , there is little hope for a starched saree to last and that it will wilt before the first appointment is a foregone conclusion . The trick then is to wear a saree that is dramatic enough to not let a little crease here and a crush there matter . Bright colours , bold prints and an attitude that will carry you through the day – and of course the accessories ….smart blouse and sliver classics . The rope like chain is a handmade beauty from Quebec , sold to me by the very artist who crafted it at a local crafts exhibition in Montreal and the silver Jhumkas are as old as forever – remember Ranjona Banerji ? I think the first ever ones I bought with money I had earned , at a shop in the Oberoi Arcade at Nariman Point. Oh how gingerly I had counted out the precious money that afternoon …Remember, Ranjona Banerji? A jeweller in Matunga market recently resurrected them and a few other old silver earrings by finding matching ghungroos to replace a couple that had fallen off as well as give them nice hooks …as good as new now these little beauties.

The day stretched long ahead and wretched traffic saw me spend two hours on the commute rushing straight into my first meeting at work which thankfully was a TC in the cool confines of my room . That gave me time to cool off a bit before my noon time appointment at the studios of the Red FM station . Now this bunch of amazingly talented and enthusiastic youngsters have endeared themselves so much to me that it is never work when I go to see them . The super popular RJ pack led by Malishka – Rishi , Preetam , Nasar, Kirthi and their Producers Rishi Khilnani, Meetu , Monish and gang are a breed apart . Their social consciousness is so refined and their commitment to the community shines through whatever they do. Every year they espouse a cause – the project is called Bajao for a Cause and I know what a super job they did a couple of years ago for the National Association of the Blind – NAB . And this year it is for the quake affected population of Nepal . Last year they picked up my Chai for Cancer and in it’s first year gave it the boost and strength it needed to find a place in the people’s consciousness . They spoke about it , invited Listeners to host Addas , attended those Addas and hosted one themselves . And played recorded bits on cancer awareness all month and more long.

I doff my hat off to these champions and dedicate my vibrant , colourful and resilient saree of today to this group who are equally if not more vibrant and colourful and resilient . I loved it that my Saree had that bit of bright red to match their office !!!

End of day and both the saree and I have wilted a bit – but I am nevertheless off to watch a play at the Turf Club with lovely buddy Srishti Sawhney.

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