Had an Assamese white sari with self checks and a beautiful red and black weave which my husband had gifted. The color bled during its first wash and, for me, it was a big loss. The more I treasured that saree in my memories, the more I rued its loss. But, as they say, if you really desire something the world conspires to help you achieve that! This time help came in the form of was my friend, professional colleague and neighbor from Assam , the elegant, posed and artistic Priyanka Gogoi. There sure are advantages of living in a multistorey apartment building in a metropolitan city where you forge relationships with people from different parts of the country. Priyanka not only got me a beautiful replacement but enlightened me also. The ‘self checks’ are called gareedia’ , the green tree-like motif is the ‘goss buta and the lovely tassle at the end of the pallu is called doi buta. Till now my notion of Assamese sarees was that they are predominantly in combinations of white, black and red. I am wiser now..Assam offers a riot of colors. Thanks Priyanka. Looking forward to your next visit to Assam!!