Anyone who knows Hong Kong is aware that food has an important role to play in the city. HongKongers or HongKies are knowledgeable diners who are passionate about food. The city teems with numerous restaurants serving every kind of cuisine known, however, funnily its ‘desi’ offerings still come up short. Most South Asians who reside in Asia’s’World City’ agree that the best desi ‘khanna’ is available ‘at home.’
So when Saloni decided that we Hong Kong ‘pacters’ should meet at her beautiful home atop the famed Peak in Hong Kong for the first #sareedate we readily agreed. As luck would have it I had a crazy busy day today and in true ‘desi-style’ arrived nearly an hour late for the lunch.
Saloni kicked-off the lunch by serving us an appetizer of yummy panipuri on her balcony that affords a jaw-dropping view of the many skyscrapers of Hong Kong Island.
After devouring a couple and nattering a bit, we proceeded to the dining room for a sit-down meal.
The menu featured true-blue Punjabi fare- Chole, Paneer, Bhindi Masala, chicken rounded off with a wholesome Punjabi khadi. We (Reenita, Shradha, Nitasha and I )tucked in wholeheartedly. Saloni, however, stuck rigidly to her diet ‘the Plan’ which allowed her a bowl of avocado and broccoli soup and some veggies no grains at all. No wonder she looks as good as she does!
Lunch was a relaxed and laid-back affair with Reenita regaling us with stories about her somewhat scandalous extended family.
Seeing Saloni be so disciplined we could not help but decline the dessert, a lush bowl of mango pudding. However I did give into my after-meal sweet craving and quickly wolfed down two squares of dark chocolate. Hey, all the diet gurus aver that it’s full of antioxidants and good for you!
A few photo-ops later we were soon off as it was close to 3pm, time for the taxi driver shift change in Hong Kong when it is impossible to get a cab. After my near mishap on the escalator, the other day I didn’t want to risk getting on a bus, and so I bid a quick farewell to my gracious host.
Thus, ended the first #sareedate in Hong Kong with plans afoot for the second one sometime in May at a bar in LKF, the party district of Hong Kong. Stay tuned! #100sareepact.