Wearing my Kasavu Neriyathu saree, I am serving my guests payasam on Onam day. Our guests included staff & friends – & this particular year it included in addition, high school boys -who were classmates of my sons. Seated in mats spread out on the floor, in two rows facing each other, they were served the sadhya on plantain leaves.
For years I made sure that our home celebrated Onam -with pookkalam’s (flower rangoli’s). Siddharth my creative son, was great at that; Also every year Onam day was also his Birthday (according to the Indian Calender), it was a very special day for him- & hence we doubled the celebration! Out came the vellaku’s, parra with nella(paddy) & coconut flower, sadhyas (cooked by your’s truly!)-and served to staff and friends on banana leaves!
Wonderful memories indeed!
Now it seems like every year’s Onam just brings back nostalgic memories-more so because we are out of the country most Onams!

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