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Hema Rao Nagulapally (Anju Maudgal kadam and Ally Mathan, two women who originally started this #100SareePact) tagged me for #100SareePact … so this is my story of my Ph.D. graduation saree.
We were supposed to wear white (for reasons unknown), and because it was our Ph.D convocation, I went to my (then) favorite saree shop near Alex’s Kitchen, Liberty (forgot the name of my favorite shop frown emoticon ). I selected this particular saree and the wonderful designer lady wanted to do some embellishments to the saree (at no extra cost), if I promise to give the photo of me receiving my degree, so that she can display it in her store. I gladly accepted her generous offer. She stitched small mirrors on the saree, outlined the designs with different colored and zari threads. The end result was this beautiful saree I was wearing in this photo.
As promised I gave her a photo of my graduation and she displayed it in her store!!