This red saree is the twin of the first saree I posted as a part of the 100sareepact. Everytime I want to wear a saree easily and still want to look slim, I reach out to this saree. Again, chosen by my sister-in-law, it is my favourite saree. I wear this with different blouses and you will see it featured again and again.

I always admired my previous generation who could wear saree all day to work and at home, sleep in them and basically live in them. I decided to try it the other day and wore the saree all day at home (fell asleep in the afternoon in it) and went out to watch PK in it. Vidya, my saree companion these days joined in wearing a saree that day as well. As we walked into the theatre, I tried my best not to notice all the eyes on us. It was great to watch PK in a theatre in Mannheim, surrounded by Germans and wearing a saree. Later, we walked into a restaurant for some drinks – sipping red wine, we tried out our poses for the post. Here you will see some pictures taken through the day until the drinks in the evening. What a lovely day that way… the saree gave me a special feeling through the day!

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