…. with my commitment to the #100sareepact of course, that is.

My colleagues were witness this morning to the fact that my word is good…or at least that the intent is there. It was an excuse for much picture taking at my desk and at the photocopy machine. I have yet to wear a saree in the studio during my morning show but that’ll happen as soon as I am organized enough to wake up at 4.20 am rather than 4.30 am to give myself 10 extra minutes leeway for draping.

The working day today includes an NGO meeting, a media presentation, a quick visit to a friend’s sale and then a print deadline to meet tonight. Then I go home to justify a few hours of motherhood. All this in an organza saree with no pins…hmm not sure that part was such a great idea….

I couldn’t find a suitable category for this saree. Can we add something for ‘working people’ or ‘in the office’?

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