I am what is known as an ABCD- American Born Confused Desi. While I beg to differ on general confusion, I still get stumped wrapping a saree. It takes me at least an hour and a few Youtube videos to get it just right. I chose this picture for a few reasons. First, the beauty of the saree is displayed all around. You can feel when you have that just right hanging pleat on your left hand side which lends to the perfect over the right shoulder draping. When wrapped properly, even the clumsiest person looks graceful. This is the first saree I bought my first trip to India in the 90s and I still wear it today- I don’t really care if it is not in fashion, I feel that it is timeless. I’ve worn it to weddings, formal occasions – both Indian and non-Indian and even to my own America court wedding ceremony. I wish I can submit two pictures of this saree from to show the intricacies of Gujarati fold that shows the intricate beauty of the dupatta. My family is from Gujarat and I don’t see much of Gujarati style shown, so I thought I’d share at least the back view.