#sareefrommypast #100sareepact 3/100 Pic taken a couple of years ago during Varamaha Lakshmi Pooja .. A 9 yard Saree, Ombodhu Gajam Pudavai from my Paati. So many memories come flooding as I write this.. What can i say about her, She was the liberated woman of her times inspite of living in a conservative atmosphere ..After my own Mom, she’s been my life’s role model, inspiration, motivation and a mental guide of How to Live life!! she’s at times like my mind’s voice. I do things exactly the way she used to do for I have seen her day in day out during my growing up days.. So many lessons in life, so many life skills that I saw and Picked up.. My mom and MIL shared a very cordial relationship all their lives.. she had a liking for my mom somewhere and lived most of my growing up times with us ..

This saree and a couple of other sarees is all that i have as handmedown in kind from her.. but nothing compared to the memory of living with her.. The way amma joined her in making vadams, pickles during seasons, the way she tied her 9 yard saree.. I have this little story which is very close to my heart and sharing this now with you all as this enlivens my times with her.. as a 11 – 12 year old I used to be intrigued by the way the saree goes around hundreds of time 😛 lol around her when she wears it…where she folds them , how does she get to use the toilet with that saree.. uff.. all these were never ending doubts.. she was a healthy lady all her life and had a light heart ailment toward the end of it.. unfortunately did not live to see the former part of 80s too and died at 80 yrs of age.. on my lap.. i felt the life going out of her in 3 quick shudders from her throat.. that was the moment of truth or bodhisathva in my life.. whatever you may call it.. her initial life of struggle with 10 children to take care..

until the age of 79 she was great.. her son-in-law’s early death..my atthimber.. affected her very very deep ,we in the family knew it.. those were the days my aunt was going thru very tough days of her life.. and pati was a rock solid support.. she juggled between our home and atthais home to take care of the kids.. when aunt was off to work.. even at her late 70s this is.. she could not take atthimber’s succumbing to diabetes ..and to this date both the kids dont like sweet stuff..those were some hard times.. anyway.. life’s been beautiful and for the better for that family and all is well now.. god so many memories.. she would have felt very happy to see her daughter live a comfortable peaceful life today if she were alive..

even until early 78 yrs of age she used to wash her 9 yard saree herself and ofcourse mom used to do it the days she was a bit weak.. during my holidays i remember washing her 9 yard saree myself each day.. drying it , folding it neatly just the way she did… all this seen and learnt.. I used to wait for her to finish her shower and get into the room.. would wrap herself with another madi 6 yard saree that was kept just for this purpose.. to change between the changing into 9 yard.. 🙂 used to use a stick to take the washed saree from the clothes line in her room.. and start wearing it ..i used to peep to see and learn from her how to wear it.. one day she saw me peeping and called me in and taught me from the scratch how to do it.. Cannot forget that day.. I was 13 i think and she allowed me to wear one of her sarees for a few minutes just for the fun of it as kanya girls should not wear a 9 yard something and only married women can.. that minute i wanted to be married 😛 …. hhahah..

Paati.. I miss you terribly..

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