It was Feb 2008 and we were a frenzied group shopping for my sister’s wedding. As with all YuuYes Janta, she arrived just days before the wedding and there was tons of shopping to do….In the final days, my father accompanied us. He would sit there with this bag while we would all be hopping mad in the shops…one such day, it had already been a looong day of tying loose ends. I remember it was evening and my dad asked me, ” did you get what you wanted?” My response ” No Pa, I want Kantha work on silk”…my poor dad, he was terrified with my specifications. He had no clue what kantha work was and he was clearly exhausted. He let out a helpless, “enga maa kadekkum adu?(where is that available?)”. At that moment, in his exasperated eyes, I saw the deep love he had for me, his wanting to indulge me, and his worry that I may be let down. I laughed and said,” Dont worry pa, I know where I can get it…”. Boy, was he relieved when I finally got this!!! Love is something we get to have a glimpse of in everyday moments like this.. Today is my birthday and this saree carries with it all that I feel today- being loved, happy, cherished and felling indulgent!