They say it takes 21 days to make a habit… and I am on my 30th day here.. lol.. Obviously am well and truly addicted to the beautiful six yards that has not only brought grace n beauty but also loads of fabulous new friends into my life who seem so close that i feel like I know them from ages !! Three cheers to the #100sareepact and Anju n Ally for starting it all off!!

However looks like my poor salwars are going to stage a hartal soon coz I don’t even look at them nowadays; ) No matter how busy the day is going to be, I now automatically reach for my sarees- and the question that pops up in my mind is not “Do I wear a saree- but which one do I wear today”And of course the stories come tumbling after:) In fact am on my 32nd saree today n running late on posting about the sarees but does it really matter- it’ s the spirit that really counts lazy methinks ;).. .this one is a pic from Wednesday-a lemon yellow garden vareli I picked up years ago but never actually wore-an old new saree; ) Accessoried with a black n yellow wooden beads set, aglow with the warm saree glow which automatically puts a smile on my face and adds a spring to my step. ..
am ready to face anything- bring it on world!

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