Change comes from within- change comes from home….we may shout ourselves hoarse asking for society to change its view towards women and learn to respect them,but the revolution has to start from within -from us mothers inculcating respect for women right from childhood,from treating our daughters n sons alike and not having different sets of rules for them, from telling our sons that it’s absolutely fine to want a hug or cry when you get emotional…and by showing respect for women ourselves no matter what strata of society they come from…we have to walk the talk first coz children learn only by example!!
Totally agree with Anju that we are indeed bringing up the changemakers of the future in our homes and my heart swells with pride every time I look at my daughter Anusha &my son Siddarth for being the people they are- Anusha enjoys much more freedom in our home than Siddu does and is the gutsy level headed mature one who is my pillar of strength She knows exactly what she wants – be it the course she wants to study or the job she wants to take up& gets it too-hell or highwater !!
Siddu at 15, is the naughty brat & also the emotional one who wants a hug every day and sometimes two during exams;) and teaches us how to be disciplined punctual and focused….god help us if we do not turn up at the time we tell him we will 😉 Love the way he always asks me before a PTA meet ” Are you free tomorrow maa?? ” Not ” You have to come tomorrow Maa” Means a whole lot to me !! He was the first one to put a black dot on his whatsapp profile when the Nirbhaya incident occurred and is currently working on a project against suicidal depression in 10th std kids- didnt realise he was so aware!! …..Guess I did right somehow somewhere!!:)
Wore this lovely pista Tussar silk with a benares border for a gruhpravesham on Monday and was reminded of when I wore it a few years earlier for bishu when the kids were younger and shorter (the pics on the rt)…..they’re really shooting up way beyond me now-in height&in deed….godbless!!

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