Seeing my post of Day 22, my younger sister commented “You don’t wear this combo nowadays. Earlier we used to see you more in pastel shades. But nowadays, you are only in bright colors. Please wear this combo and click a picture for the #100saresspact”. This from someone who is not at all a saree fan. I rummaged through the piles of off-white and red combo saree that I have and here comes out the Assam cotton – an ivory shade with a btight red pallu and border. And out came tumbling the story behind it. This was way back in 2005. My son was just about 5 years old. Still a Mama and Papa’s boy. Papa was on tour to Assam. Momma and Sonny were to join him a day later and do some sightseeing including the Kamaksha Temple and the Kaziranga Park. On time, I reach the Kolkata airport with my luggage in tow, holding on to his hand. Some chaos going on. What is it ? Oh God. The flight has been cancelled. The passengers are clamouring around the Airlines personnel demanding explanations, asking for refund, asking for options etc. I stand quietly at one side, holding on to the little boy’s hand. Out of the blue, he starts bawling ” Baba r kachhey jaabo” (I will go to my father). No amount of cajoling or bribing can calm him down. He sits on the floor and yells at the top of his voice “BAAAAABAAAAA”. Oh my God. What an embarrassment. Everyone stops their business and turns to look at us. What a spectacle we must have made. And then comes my Saviour Angel. One of the Airlines officials, seeing my plight, puts all others aside and puts us in the next early morning flight. And we finally reach Guwahati and have our vacation. As is my nature, no visit to a new place is complete without me picking up a saree for myself. So we go to the Assam Emporium and ask to see sarees. Many are displayed but this one catches my eye as soon as it put on the table. An ivory colored body with bright red border and a broad pallu. A feast for the eye. Teamed it with jewellery with red beads from Nyari Hand Crafted Jewelery. Picture Courtsey my sister Indrani.

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