I remember the first time I wore a saree. 1985 Gogte college of commerce, final year a bet between friends for Rs 100. Jeans and shirts were the dress code by choice for 365 days a year, the waist length tresses would be tied tightly in two plaits footwear were chosen keeping the bike rides in mind more than style …those were the days when we didn’t waste time on worrying over brands nor did we have much choice for that matter. For us it was college and long bike rides to our farm for picnics and by bikes I mean bicycles, rajdoot, Yamaha, bullet, lambretta, Vespa you name it and we had enjoyed riding it.Functions ,movies ,picnics , gatherings no matter what the occasion jeans it was until one day a friend challenged me saying a tomboy like you can never wear a saree . Well I had to win the bet, 100 Rs was a lot of money especially because petrol I think was just 10 Rs a liter . So I borrowed my mom’s black marble silk saree, wore her black sleeveless blouse asked my neighbor Anita Didi to teach me to drape it. We must have used about 15 safety pins smile emoticon let my hair down in the true sense and i had to walk to college alone as that was part of the bet. I still remember the stunned look on everyone’s faces as I walked into the campus that day with my hair and my saree flying in all directions and guys from commerce college as well as engineering college assembled at the gate waiting for the bell to go … My heart beating like the jungle drums I did reach my class with my friends clapping and whistling !
That was the beginning of this wonderful love affair with sarees for me…. Today I am wearing a bright orange georgette material converted into a saree and the blouse is designed by me, It has sequins and beads covering the entire back. Inspiration for the saree…sushmita sen in some movie smile emoticon