No Reasons attached..Have dived into the #100sareepact Finally!

Here goes ….Saree No.1

I am definitely outdated..My 11 year old sings’Blank Space’ (Taylor Swift)and ‘Its All About The Base’ (Meghon Trainor)…and I cringe!

But solace comes  in Days such as This….When she takes centre stage to sing Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma…and Maangato Me Aata(Lord Ganesh invocation in Marathi)with gusto andreverence.To celebrate one such Day in January of 2015..I wore this Simble Bengal Cotton Saree(also another reason I like this pact was taken maybe…to consciously use the Word Saree and not Sari)..Checks is In Big time whether in the form of A Majestic Silk in Ally Mathans 30th Saree or A Sunshine hit bengal cotton saree taken on the ramp..wherein Im running lest Im late for my 11yr olds concert!

Sunanda Sastry.