I may be late to the party but just wanted to say I am so happy to see this revival of sari wearing. In recent years, I have often lamented the fact that the sari has got relegated to the background as long evening gowns have taken over(Ahem!). As for me, whenever there is a festive occasion or even a wedding out comes one of my saris. I currently live in HK and traipse around the city on public transport so maybe a sari is not so conducive though it never fails to evoke oohs and aahs from the locals when I do wear one. My picture is from a recent Mehendi function in Mumbai. A good friend’s brother was getting married, and we decided to fly down for the wedding.
Now I could have worn a salwar kameez, a kaftan or even a brocade skirt with a white shirt a la Neha Dhupia, who was also attending the event,but it was a no brainer for me.
I took great pleasure in draping Out came my brand new sari, a Mysore silk a gift from my MR. He would rather I wear saris every day a la his mum, who is in her 80’s, lives in London and is fiercely devoted to her saris. I will post her remarkable story once I have her permission.

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