This soft fine Kanjeevaram cotton saree with a silk border is from our first collection of sarees ! Even as we were displaying the sarees at Raintree two years ago .. This one called out to me ! But I hardened my heartstrings and let it remain on the hanger . It was bought almost immediately by a lovely lady who took it home for her daughter .

The second day of the exhibition she came back with it . Turns out that her daughter has the exact same combo and she wanted to exchange it

She went home with a purple gadwal . And this beauty – she went home with me

It remains a hot favourite with me ! Wore it for a saree exhibition at Raintee today . A beautiful collection of traditional sarees at the Angana sarees exhibition . It’s on tomorrow as well so you might want to check it out ! Came back with five! 
After all we have to cater for the 100 sarees yet

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