This. This is not me. This is my lady like alter ego who romances with crepes, chiffons and velvets and gota work. But this saree is still special to the real me. why? coz its a saree designed by me bestie. i usually dont like and wear flowy fabrics. they just flowwww. Wore it for a friends wedding. all pleated and in place and pinned. but half way through the wedding, believe me, the saree just grewww. by meters. no frigging lies. i have no clue how the calf length pallu started sweeping the floor. i looked down to see if my skirt pleat came off, but that was in place. the pleat was pined at shoulder too. so see. its weird. its spooky. the saree just grew from shoulder. and this is why i dont do flowy sarees.
paanch footiye mey paanch gaj saree waise bhi bahut zyada hai boss.
but i love this saree. its a risky experiment i took. i love the orange, i love plain solid colours. and i love it coz my bestie made it for me. and i like that orange and red is in no frigging way matching or contrasting. As you can guess from the minimal joolry, its not a tam wedding, where i cant be bare neck, i cant be bare ear, i cant be bare hands, and i cant let my hair loose.! phewww.!! thats too much restrictions for me.!!!
And i have no clue why i am standing in such a pose. silly.!

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