5/100- this is a i-bought-flowers-I-must-wear-a-saree saree
there are too many things about this look that turned my otherwise not so happy day to a really happy one. 
Fresh flower and especially mogra venis remind me of the dance recitals that I was a part of. For every show we were asked to get fresh flowers and not the plastic ones. My first dance teacher, Saroj didi, believed that the truest form of expression comes from real things. This lesson never left me. I owe a lot to her. She has been my nervous system ever since I was a little girl. 
I also love sindoor and today I wore a bindi with one. This reminds me of the time when my mom used to wear really big bindis. There was a time when I was two or so, I smeared a lot of sindoor on myself and wiped the hands in the wall.

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