This is the 2nd post for the day – and no, I didn’t change from the morning’s cotton saree to wear these. After reading Meeta’s post where she’d shared Raja Ravi Varma paintings, I was reminded of the time in June 2013 when my friend Deepthi Sesaiyand had started Sesaiyan’s photography. We were mahaa enthu about what to shoot and came up with the idea of trying to recreate some of Raja Ravi Varma’s paintings.
I know I’d promised to never post shoot pictures, but couldn’t resist sharing this. I am not counting this as part of the pact, but wanted to share the pictures because of the beautiful memories it brought. As part of the planning, we’d send mails with pictures of what we could realistically attempt and what all we’d need to recreate the look. Accessories, hair, saree, etc.
Deepthi and I go back a long way. Met her when I’d joined the then Network Associates (now McAfee). Never thought we’d develop a friendship that’s rare, withstood the test of time where we may not keep in touch for months on end, but when we do catch up, we talk about things that are most personal and important to us.
Thank you Deepthi, for this beautiful friendship! For these and other wonderful clicks. Sending you lots of love and hugs.

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