Black has always been my most favorite color for as long as I can remember. When it was time to do my trousseau shopping, of course I wanted a black saree but mommy dearest flat out refused as black is considered unlucky. “Buy any color saree you want once you are married” she told me, and I did !!
This lovely plain black saree with a thin copper border and a copper pallu was a gift from ma in law within the first year of marriage. I still remember the day we bought it and I was super thrilled just because I finally owned a BLACK saree !!! 

Wore it today for a shoot where I had 6 women modeling for me !! Climbed up chairs, couches and what not just to get “that perfect angle”, all in a saree !! 
The necklace am wearing is a gift from my rockstar buddy Kusum !! Thanks darling for this “gorgeous” piece !! 
Thanks Ritu Mehta for the picture.