Yesterday must have been one mad hectic saree and out of Sarees thrice in a day and this ‪#‎100sareepact‬ running at the back of my mind.. Lol!!
This double shades blue green kanjivaram saree was the saree that was given to me by my inlaws for my engagement 21 years ago. The double shaded trend had just come in and I remember my mother-in-law n sister-in-law talking so highly about it. Here I was one clueless girl totally in her own world of work n home.. Just could’nt understand the hype behind one single saree. I would smile n carry on. So when the saree was mine everyone had ooh aah’d it n I still couldn’t let it sink in. It was just a saree after all. The bigger issue for me was how or who to give my blouse for stitching. This was my first saree n blouse. Hunt ended in a perfectly stitched blouse that had till ‘Yesterday’ been around. But chose to give up on me before I left. So last minute juggling n the all purpose gold tissue blouse came to the rescue.. Of course the matter is I love this saree for all the wonderful memories I’ve had since I’ve worn them. 10/100
PS. I actually used that timer option in my iPhone to take the first picture becos no one was around to click and forgot to ask one at the event becos I was busy yapping away  .. So yay to me though I look like a whale about to explode.
In the second picture I’m with my gang of girls through thick n thin n madness that’s been a genetic input.