Unfortunately, while I’m really into the pact, I just don’t have the time to drape a sari in time in the morning to get out the door with my daughter and reach school, and then office, in a civilized fashion! School breaks next week, so I should be able to get my act together.

Meanwhile, an old picture, sari 8, I think. This is an old Kanchipuram sari of my mum’s, which she gave me a while back. As usual, I hadn’t worn it even once since she gave it to me. Better sense prevailed last Dusshera, where I did wear it for my friend Arthi Anand‘s Golu. Its so soft, very traditional colors of mustard-y yellow with maroon. It still smelt faintly of Charlie, my mum’s perfume of choice of many years. Mitali is all dressed up in a lehenga as well, such festive fun.