Thank you Anju Maudgal Kadam andAlly Matthan for giving all of us this wonderful opportunity of sharing our stories and wearing our sarees! Thank you Sudha Sekhar for nominating me!

Today I am wearing French Chiffon in floral prints! Unbelievably soft,( the whole saree, slips easily through my wedding ring) with a beautiful drape that looks lovely on everyone, especialy girls with curvy silhouettes! The last picture is one of me in the Staff Room at School, celebrating Teacher’s Day!

I am wearing just a single strand of pearls with these chiffon sarees chosen for me by my husband and Mum-in law, who get a bit fed up of my strong preference for solid block colours and simple borders! They like seeing me in something colourful and different once in awhile! And then, this is the result!

I am having so much fun friends, and I do hope you are enjoying this journey of mine too! Have a lovely day!