So the reasons are many to join the ‪#‎100Sareepact‬
Biggest was a very small open heart to heart conversation I had with a complete stranger on a train journey many years ago, a Japanese gentleman who just asked me – You don’t wear sarees? And all I could say was yes maybe once in two years. I have always wanted to make saree part of my wardrobe but gave silly excuses. Thanks Ally Matthan and Anju Maudgal Kadam for this pact and gentle nudge. There is no story behind this saree, its a fabric I saw, fell in love added my bits and made a saree out of it. But today having worn it whole day..I know its ME written all over it, my fav white in the most gorgeous of cotton weave and most comfortable and light. Will there be more .. YEs Yes.. As the mood permits. Thanks for the pic Neha Mathur,

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