Finally in double digits !!
Had to celebrate with some of my friends who all came home for lunch to eat khaana cooked by ma in law.

I still remember how in my younger days a saree vala would come home with 2-3 big bundles of sarees from Dhaka and mom and other aunts would end up buying sarees from him. Last year my friend, Jyotsna ‘s mom got her “Bengali saree vala” to come to our community with his lovely collection of sarees. Fell in love with this Bold Red saree the minute I saw it, had to own it types. Think I have had too many of those moments.
Now even more interesting is the story behind the blouse that am wearing with it today. So had gone “blouse fabric shopping” with our very own rockstar Kusum a few weeks back and was trying to find the one fabric that would go with this red saree and do justice to it. Kusum picked this fabric out and kept insisting that I get it as it matched really well. Now only because I shy away from wearing prints, I was not convinced to buy this fabric. Next thing I know, Kusum goes to the guy quietly and tells him to cut the fabric for me and gifts it to me !! Am so glad she did because I absolutely LOVE this blouse and have only Kusum to thank for it.
Paired it with these gorgeous earrings that my ma in law gifted me when my daughter was born.

Once again surrounded in love from friends and family !!