This absolutely soft, tissue-silk cotton saree with purple and green checks is one of my all-time favourites! This set of shots was taken on my dad’s 60th birthday.

Story: We decided that we would have the event at my place and since I was busy running around for getting things organised such as the caterer, the priest et al, I did not get time to shop for a saree. Two days before the event, my mom called me up to ask what saree I had bought for myself and I said, ‘I have so many sarees. I will just wear one of those. This is your day, so let’s not worry about my saree.’

She said nothing but on the day of the event, she arrived home at 5 a.m with a parcel saying, ‘This is for you. Because I can only picture you in this saree.’ She had bought the saree for herself, stitched the blouse as well and just like that, she handed it over, refusing to listen to my pleas. Wonder of wonders, her blouse fit me perfectly too!

You know moms are special. And mine, well, those of you who know her, will agree that she is One in a Billion. Love her so very much


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