I walk into my son’s room today and it is an absolute mess! I had just cleaned it for the umpteenth time. I am vey upset and say to him, “I’m raising a pig! YOU are a PIG!!”
Abhiram looks at him, starts snorting and making pig-like sounds. He is also on his fours and trots around me. I cannot stay upset for long: Soon, I am smiling and all is forgotten.

A common scene I imagine in any house with a four-year-old. Except, four years ago, we almost lost him at his birth!
I choose not to repress that memory as it reminds me everyday of the fragility of life!
Life is happening now…be present!
Buy those shoes…use that fine china…. or, if you love sarees like me, wear that saree!
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Although I am partial to Madurai sarees, this white Bengal cotton with red and gold paisley border and buta is my absolute favorite!


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