I started wearing the saree like every girl when I first draped it for the x class farewell party. It was then that my affair with
the six yard clothing started. All through college days I preferred wearing a sari just for the sheer beauty and elegance it added
to the woman in you. And I am glad I did that because I now have I should say a good collection. I was posted as part of my job
at Vizag a few years back and was invited to a house warming ceremony. I attended the function and little did I know that as part
of the South Indian tradition of the “tambulam” a saree was gifted to me by the neighbours. A typical Bangalore silk saree and me
being the kind who wore cottons and chiffons to work did not know when I would get the opportunity to drape it. I loved the color
and the look of it. It was not a long wait though as we had a corporate offisite, the dress code for the evening dinner was ethnic
dressing. Nothing could have been so graceful ever for the occasion. Here it is


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