Ok so this is not one of my best pics in a saree – and neither is this particular saree quite my style. But what makes this picture priceless are the memories. This was 2008. This is is oldest chaddi buddy Suparna Kundu – my friend from my toddler days – the sister I never had. We did everything together growing up – from playing dolls, to reading books, to sharing secrets and clothes. And a big part of our childhood was to dress up in our mother’s sarees (usually their worn home worn ones is what they would let us wear) together and play with our dolls.
This picture was taken when we were in the US, and she drove a long distance to come and celebrate an otherwise lonely durga puja together (which is important since we are bongs and more importantly, since we spent all our childhood durga pujas together).
remember this lovely day suparna kundu?
And in continuation of our decades of sharing wardrobes, i must add that this red saree now sits in her wardrobe (as its more her style!!!) Suparna – I hope you wear this saree more often than I did