Wore this lovely benaras saree yesterday for the wedding reception of a Shetty girl with an Australian . ..international integration anybody!!
Picked it up at deepam the moment i saw it- for the wedding reception of my sweetipie first cousin Megha Rai in Dec….To think she was just 1.5 kgs when she was born-and her twin neha rai was all of 2 kgs..so we promptly nicknamed them kinni and gundu:) Remember trying to be their big akka &helping their mom rock them to sleep but in vain, coz just when one dozed off the other would get up and howl the place down !They didn’t have names till they were almost two..I remember getting a cake for them in bombay with happy 1st birthday to the twins written and the cake fellow asking me- abhi tak naam nahin rakha kya??;)
The nicknames have stuck and we just cannot call them anything else now!
So glad to see our sweet little kinniya very happy and hope the colours of happiness and love brighten up her life forevermore!



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