Stepped out today morning for an important business meeting in this elegant blue jute silk khadi silk fusion saree from fab india- a cherished gift from our very dear old time friends Suchitra. Bhat and Prabodh chandra bhat at my factory inauguration in 2010. Am in particular indebted to PC as we all affectionately call him, for agreeing to be the bank guarantor for my firm years ago in 2000 when the rules back then did not allow your spouse to be a.guarantor. Naive me only recently came to know that being a guarantor involved the huge risk of having your own assets seized if the person defaults on the bank or overdraft payments. ..and PC agreed to my request without even batting an eyelid!! Blessed to have such unconditional support and encouragement from them for my tiny venture….have no words to thank them for this lovely gesture!!
Also special coz I wore it for the ISB business plan competition and was happy to be in the top 10
Needless to say draped in this lucky saree today, the meeting was a success:) 

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