‪#‎100sareepact‬ 40 years of togetherness bound together with silken threads of love n friendship…cherish this pic taken in jan with my two best friends right from nursery- Chetna and Manisha-the Shetty’s as we were called in school…brings back nostalgic memories of dolling up in sarees for the first time for Chetna’ s wedding and giggling away to glory wink emoticon and how can I forget how we all stalked the newlyweds and refused to leave their hotel room… lol;)

Were together in Girton high school only till 7th std-different colleges, cities, marriage,kids, careers…. nothing has made a dent in the strong bonds we share- still are the first people I reach out to in trouble or in joy!!
Thanks Anju and Ally for setting off the journey down memory lane