Day 1/100 Anju Maudgal Kadam & Ally Matthan, you girls have really started a revolution…. ‪#‎100sareepact‬ rocks!!! My love for sarees have grown by leaps and bounds, ever since! Creating and designing sarees have been a passion turned into profession and structuring sexy yet wearable blouses with them has been on top of must-do-everyday list! Seeing my timeline full of pictures of gorgeous women donning beautiful sarees, is really heartening! Ek saal me sau (100) sareeyaan pehenna toh bantaa hi hai …. So here’s my first post… A simple soft flowy printed pure crepe-silk saree in snuff-grey with an electric-blue mock-halter blouse is my work-wear for Monday. Here’s making a promise to myself that I shall wear more sarees to work from now on (at least thrice a week)…. YAAAY!!!!! The earrings are designed by Kakoli Roy !!! Cheers to loving and wearing more and more sarees in 2015!!!