Super excited and happy today for several reasons…
Meeting a very dear friend from school for lunch today after almost 6 years !!! Was a little hesitant to wear a saree but then if Monika can rock a saree in Monkey Bar, then I can do so too !!! 
So the reason this saree is VERY SPECIAL to me is coz I met the hims in 2003 for the very first time in this saree, which belonged to my mommy dearest at the time. Of course he was bowled over, at least that’s what I would like to believe, and the rest is history !! 
Also, just discovered that this saree was a gift to my mom from her ma in law, my Dadi, right after she got married in 1970. 
Have paired it with earrings that my ma in law gifted me last year on my birthday, bought from my dear friend, Kusum ‘s store Timri.

So u see, I am wrapped up in love from my family and friends today and feeling oh so awesome !!!