This saree of my mom must be at least 56 year old. She was a tall lady. I remember during my collage days, my dad used to get stunned every time my mom wore one of these beautiful sarees. He used to hum a song for her…typical dialogue between the them..

Mom (Personality: Dominant Left brain: Math/Science):
“Sumne iri enu makkala munde hadu” ( “Don’t sing in front of children, what will they think about us “)

Dad (Personality: Dominant Right brain: Creative/ Romantic person) :
“So what , I love you…you are my wife, whats wrong in singing a song in front of children”

It was fun watching that. My dad was so much in love with my mother, he followed her just after few months she left! I am sure they will be together some where. Ah! There you go….I hear my dad singing a song for her…