Nearly 20 years ago when my brother was to get married, my husband and I were in Australia for a year’s sabbatical. I arrived just 2 days before the wedding and same evening dad took me saree shopping, to this very famous shop in chandani chowk. From the countless sarees that were shown to me, I chose a valkalam silk in peacock green. I was mighty pleased with my choice and dad also nodded in approval. We left the saree at the shop for ffall finishing and blouse stitching etc; to be home delivered the next day.
We reached home and my elder sister asked what me i got, i excitedly described her my saree, she asked me to wait for a second while she pulled out what she bought 3 days ago when dad took her shopping.
And, it was the exact same valkalam saree in navy blue!!
Mom and dad were smiling as if to say you girls are two peas of a pod after all!!