Sometime back I read another post on this blog, titled “Saheliyaan” by Suruchi. It immediately brought back memories of my college days from nearly 30 years ago!!
As such studying Medicine is exacting, so on one such specially taxing day during an end sem exam, we 3 friends, saturated with books decided to take a break at midnight. Remember I’m talking about pre internet and pe mobile era!! What else could one do in girls hostel at midnight for entertainment??
We pulled out 3 sarees from my cupboard (all my mom’s) and went about dressing up and getting clicked. I’m in the middle flanked on right by Kimi and Padma is on my left (bottom pic).
While shuffling through college album, I came across another group pic of my batch ‘girls’ with wardens (top pic). This is from final year MBBS, I’m second from left corner and happy to say in a magenta pink saree.
Thank you Suruchi for stirring the cauldron of happy memories.