I was waiting patiently, looking at her, as she wrapped a shiny blue saree around her. She made the perfect pleats and adjusted the length of her pallu. She put a pink lipstick, made a braid of her long hair, and smiled at me. She was ready, my Ma in her blue saree.
remember this very clearly as if it was just yesterday when she was getting ready to go for a wedding. I used to love whenever my mom used to wear sarees.
As a young girl, all I wanted was to one day being able to wear those beautiful sarees and look as beautiful as my mom. She had a huge collection of sarees and used to look beautiful in all of them. My favorite sarees from her collection were a black chiffon saree with little floral print, a silk saree in deep maroon color and purple border, a pastel yellow colored one and then this blue one. Last time when she visited me, I asked her to bring her old sarees. She brought this one. She used to wear it with a matching blue blouse, but now that blouse is too old to fit me. I was very happy to see this in her suitcase.
This saree has become old, has lost some of its shine, but it still has that warmth which I can feel. I know, I don’t look as pretty as my mom used to in this but I do feel that it gives me a joy which not even the most expensive saree in my cupboard can.

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