Growing up as an Indian girl I was always fond of Sarees and admired their beauty. Seeing my mom wearing them I was always fascinated by Sarees and used to be eager to wear them. Finally the day of the farewell ceremony of my graduating year came and I got the invitation to be there as a showstopper and the dress code was a Saree. That my friends, was a ‘dream come true’ moment of my life and interestingly, for that event I myself had stitched my blouse overnight with all the excitement.

My participation on the runway was very well received, and I even got bestowed with the title of the college!
This particular incident proved to be a defining moment in my life and my ardent feelings towards the artistry of draping pieces of clothing. I always make sure that I come up with new ways of donning my “Six-Yards”, in an attempt for paying homage to the holy fire of couture that was kindled within me many years ago.